Some basic tips for basic issues with copiers:


  • Checking all compartments for little pieces stuck.
  • Make sure the paper is dry and moisture free.
  • Suggest only using the blue or green parts in the machine to remove paper, before ripping the paper out of machine, as that can leave pieces behind.
  • Make sure you use properly labeled products. Example, don't use Inkjet labels or Inkjet paper in a Laser machine as they will melt.

Error Codes:
Some codes can be reset by just turning off the machine at the power button, waiting 1 or 2 minutes, and then turn the machine back on.

Simple Reminders:
If machine appears not to be working, check to make sure someone has not unplugged the machine or perhaps have turned it off at the main switch. Some machines will stop working if it is out of toner or ink. Make sure you have the correct sized paper for what your printing.

For further issues, it is recommended to contact Service Department to schedule a certified technician to come out and review the problem.


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